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"I, Gary Boyd Roberts, Senior Research Scholar at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, have been associated with the society since 1974.  David Colpitts is a lifetime resident of Essex County and graduate from Salem State University.  He is a fine historian, genealogist & musician and long interested in local politics.  David is responsible & honest and a diligent & hard worker.  David’s character is exemplary.   David would make an especially fine Register of Deeds since he has often used them in his research.  He could easily have a historical or genealogical career if he wished, but he is uniquely qualified to be a fine custodian and manager of public records.  I highly recommend David Colpitts for the office of Register of Deeds wholeheartedly and hope he is elected."

 – Gary Boyd Roberts

Senior Research Scholar at the New England Historic Genealogical Society


“I, Elizabeth Ann Lupi, have been a Licensed Realtor on the North Shore since 1980.  The Registry of Deeds is the most important resource to a realtor.  Therefore, it is essential to have a person of integrity and astute competence as Register of Deeds.  David Colpitts is that person and I know he will serve the community as an outstanding Register of Deeds.”

 - Elizabeth Ann Lupi

Licensed Realtor

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